Games By Bill

At its heart, Idamu Caverns is a social experiment. It's an experiment to see how far the Agile development model can go.

In a typical Agile development model, certain managers within the company are labelled "product owners," and it's their job to talk to the customers and understand what the software needs to do in order to direct the work of the developers.

Is it possible to remove the product owner and have the developer take direction directly from the customer? Such a process is fraught with dangers: what if the customers want something that isn't profitable? What if they want the impossible? What if they don't know what they want and instead demand things that they'll never use?

But if such a system could be made to work, it would cut out a point that in many organizations is a source of confusion, miscommunication and injected opinion. If the developer is taking direction directly from the users, the chance that the users are getting exactly what they want is greatly increased.

Accomplishing the goal will require careful communication, and tools to track and manage the backlog of work such that many users can easily understand what is being worked on as well as how they can have input on it.

There's a lot of work to be done to accomplish such a goal, and I expect there will be mistakes and failures along the way. Stay tuned to see how things work out.